Sir Benton Pickledash

Orde Wingate,Leader of the Chindits

Sir Benton Pickledash has been Chief Curator for Her Majesty’s Recording Arts Preservation Society since the Great War. His favourite artists include Dinosaur Jr and the Stone Roses. He loves George Harrison’s solo stuff, but thinks Lennon’s was a bunch of poppycock nonsense. His interests include waxing his mustache and falconing in the north of Wales.

Lord Winston Butterhurst


Lord Winston Butterhurst acts as DAH’s hip hop and soul corespondent, whose area of expertise lies in early 90’s street culture. His  favorites include A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde. A personal friend of Q-Tip and the late Marvin Gaye, Lord Butterhurst is the leading expert on what it is that makes us get down and dirty. Notably, he concluded that it was a jamming bass line.

Dame Matilda Corderouy

Old english woman

Dame Matilda Corderouy is DAH’s house expert on electronic indie pop. Favorite bands: STRFKR, Tame Impala, and EAR PWR.  She has a keen interest in  Poodle grooming, twirling parasols, and looking down her nose at Steampunks, goths, and fans of Nine Inch Nails.

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