The MBV Album is Here (and it’s better than you expected)

I’m a little late to the party. I know. Last week, the web exploded in nervous, heated anticipation. And why wouldn’t it? Kevin Shields had only announced on Feb 1 that in a few hours, My Bloody Valentine would be releasing their first album in 22 years. Obviously, my Saturday night plans were swiftly cancelled. Rather than going out, I chose to stay in and try my luck at being one of the first downloads, overjoyed at the prospect of a new slew of droning, druggy, hazy goodness about to pour from my Macbook.


Cool kids and shut ins, 40 year old accountants and 17 year old drop outs alike waited in baited breath, then cried out in rage as, expectedly, the band’s website crashed. ¬†Millions of page refreshes (and a petition to the White House) later, websites the world over were abuzz with die-hard fans and new listeners sharing their input. While I am one of those fans, I feel like it’s too soon to offer any real insight. MBV albums take a while to absorb, after all. It’s an experience, more of a mood piece than a collection of songs. Kevin makes damn sure of that. So, while I take it all in, here’s a little taste.

Bilinda Butcher’s vocals make me feel like I drank a bunch of codeine and snuggled into a warm blanket. Am I the only one?

Review to folllow.

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